Shopping for Car Insurance in San Antonio, TX?

Welcome to San Antonio, TX! San Antonio is a great city to live in!  There’s plenty of things to do here!  But before you get started in your adventure exploring San Antonio, allow me to discuss car insurance.  Yes, it’s a drag to have to talk about it, but we can’t ignore it either!  One of the first things you have to do is update your garaging address when you move to a new location.  Insurance companies want to know who they are insuring and how many people have access to your vehicles.  Additionally, insurance premiums vary based on location.  You might find that your current insurance policy premium will increase only because you’ve moved to a new place!  That’s where we can help.  As a licensed insurance agent with over 17 years of experience, I can help you keep your insurance costs low by accessing providing different insurance options from various insurance companies.

Fred Gonzalez is the principal agent at Personal & Commercial Insurance Agency of San Antonio, TX. He has been licensed to sell and service insurance in Texas since 2001.

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