If an Air Conditioning Repair Man Ruins My AC Will His General Liability Insurance Cover it?

From time to time, a customer or friend will come to me asking for insurance advice.  One time, a longtime friend from San Antonio asked, “If an AC repair man damages my $7,000 AC unit while he was working on it, will his insurance cover it?”  The answer, in short, is it depends.  First of all, my friend must file a claim with the AC repair man’s insurance company so an adjuster can research the policy to confirm coverage.  However, in general, if the air conditioning repair man only had a general liability policy with no professional liability coverage, then unfortunately there isn’t coverage for the AC unit itself.  The general liability policy generally excludes property damage to items that are in the care, custody, and control of the insured, in this case the AC repair man.  To fill that gap in coverage, it is always recommended to add a professional liability coverage.  Unfortunately for my friend, the AC repair man only had general liability insurance with no professional liability coverage and the damage to the AC was not covered.



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