There are Many Car Insurance Companies in San Antonio-Who should I Choose?

The car insurance market in San Antonio is very competitive.  I like to clump these companies into two different classes:  The first one offers auto liability insurance at a very low rate.  You can see their billboards offering auto insurance liability at less than $30/month!  Most of these companies specialize in 30 day liability only policies.  Sometimes, these policies contain many exclusions which won’t be discovered until the need to file a claim.  I normally do not recommend buying 30 day liability only policies.  The second type of company is one that doesn’t necessarily specialize in covering one part of an car insurance policy.  For example, the insurance company might included coverage for physical damage at a reasonable rate.  These insurance companies typically “want” to establish a long term relationship with their client and will many times offer perks for being a longstanding client.



Fred Gonzalez is the principal agent at Personal & Commercial Insurance Agency of San Antonio. He has been licensed to sell and service insurance in Texas since 2001.
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