Will my car insurance cover a loss when I’m driving a golf cart on San Antonio golf course?

I read an online story this morning about a man that killed someone while driving his golf cart.  Of course I don’t know the details of the accident, but apparently the golfer was drunk while driving a golf cart on a golf course, crossed a golf cart intersection without stopping, and collided with another golf cart and killed a passenger in the second golf cart.  After reading this story, I came to wonder, do you know if your car or home insurance would cover a liability claim?  As an agent, the first question I would ask is, where can I find coverage?  I know that golf carts are not considered autos under a Texas auto policy because they are not registered and are not allowed on public roadways.  So the car insurance policy that you purchased with your local San Antonio insurance agent will likely decline a claim.  The next question is, would this be considered a personal liability claim?  Assuming that you have a standard, unendorsed (i.e., not changed by adding or deleting coverage) Texas Homeowners policy Form A then you should find coverage under the liability section.  The coverage would up the liability limits but only if you are using the golf cart on your premises or on the golf course.  So if you live in a golfing neighborhood, such The Dominion in San Antonio, drive your golf cart on the street on your way to the golf course, you are on your own until you actually are on the golf course itself because there is no coverage while driving a golf cart on city streets.  As always, if you have questions, I recommend calling your agent, reading your policy and look for any exclusions pertaining to golf carts.



Fred Gonzalez is the principal agent at Personal & Commercial Insurance Agency of San Antonio. He has been licensed to sell and service insurance in Texas since 2001.
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